Alyn 2019 TheFinal

A beautiful organization

It was a wonderful week again cycling for Alyn . It started with the warm welcome at their beautiful centerin Jerusalem . So many familiar faces but also many new ones. Hugs, drinks and cakes, exited children and staff and a lot of volunteers.

We had a tour through the hospital by Chava, which was more than worthwhile.

New developments in rehabilitation for the kids as well as the swimming pool plus a lot of other facilities and medical equipment.

All just to give the children, handicapped in many ways, irrespective of their religion, background or age, the utmost support. Of course it was a balagan (mess) but it was a very positive one.  It seemed like everybody was overexcited. Most certainly the staff was tired from all the work they did the last couple of weeks. It had to be successful again, like all the years before because the bikers bring in a lot of money essential for the continuation of the work at the center. And the continues drive and strive to do better for the kids and parents. We come from all over the world just to make this 5-days cycling trip a real happening, a sportive event, but then we leave again, healthy. They stay behind and continue working on their rehabilitation. As said, everything was so well organized. We only still had to cycle , which was an understatement . But we had an amazing time, very tough, warm weather, lots of steep climbs, beautiful stops, wonderful support from the police, technicians, ambulance personnel and again a lot of volunteers.

But the best part by far was , of course when a number of the kids of the swift and the bold joined us. What a strength, courage, discipline ,and power ,they radiated. And not only with the roadies but also with the off-road team. Really amazing and so uplifting to see them cycling with hand bikes, tandem and other specialized bikes. They, with their incredible support team, are the real heroes.

For sure it must have taken them a lot of training to participate in the Wheels of Love, as the event is called. O.k. some of us for sure weren’t looking forward to climb the hills going into Jerusalem after almost 400km and thousands of elavation meters . But we knew that a lot of people were waiting for us at the finish at the Alyn center. An emotional encounter; all is well that ends well. So, of course everybody from the cyclers was glad with their achievements.

But most of all that we did something with the amazing help of our sponsors for all the kids and parents who are treated at the ‘never giving up revalidation center’ Alyn . 

Thank you all so much again for making this possible !


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